bullet glasses

Originally uploaded by minhi.

I’ve been looking for these type of glasses for a few years. I remember using a shorter version in Germany a couple years ago and could never find them in the US. My sister brought these home for my parents from the UK, but they never used them so i borrowed them (don’t tell my sister!).

They’re a little impractical because they only hold about 6oz and they’re a pain to wash. But they feel really good in your hand because they’re heavy. All that space between the green and the bottom is solid glass.

Recently I’ve seen similiar glasses at Sur La Table, set of 4 for $20. But these feel a little heavier then those.

I like liquor from these because you tend to linger over those drinks so it’s more of an event to use them. If i want to impress i’ll use them for OJ too.

If it’s not obvious by now i have a wierd thing about drinking glasses and cups. more pictures at my flickr site, link on right.


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