terroir coffee

terroir coffee
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terroir coffee

This is the blend i’ve used for the last 2 weeks. It’s my first ‘light’ roast that i’ve used. If you’re not familiar with Terroir, you can read more about it at www.terroircoffee.com

This blend was the one used by the winning barista at the World Barista Competition (yes there is one). But I’m sure the skill of the barista had something to do with it as well.

This roast is lighter then traditional, so it doesn’t have the classic sharpness or bitterness from a dark roast. This allows more fruit and floral to come through. When it’s mixed with milk (cappucino or latte) the caramel and especially the chocolate notes really come out.

I’m pretty happy with this blend but it’s expensive for me to order since i have to get it mail order. The math for me is $11 per 12oz bag and about $5 shipping per order. So just one bag costs me close to $17, if i buy two it brings it down a little but still pretty expensive. If i lived in the Boston area then the $11 is a little more tolerable. This is a real problem for people looking for fresh roasted beans. Here in DC we have murky coffee who uses coffee from counter culture coffee. And through some political activism on my part through the coffee geek podcast (see podcast #12), murky now sells their espresso blend.

If you’re not lucky enough to find fresh roasted beans locally mail order is viable if a little expensive. How is this for fresh? i placed my order on Sunday, my order was roasted on Monday and i had it in my hands by Wednesday! I had to wait a few days to let the beans completely degass before i could use them!


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