pavina ice cream

Originally uploaded by minhi.

there is one thing about the bodum pavina cups that make them worth their price: temperature retention!

hot drinks like cappucino’s (the cups are a little too small for a proper latte) stay hot longer then in a porcelain mug. actually they keep it so hot then you can easily burn your lips. the only minus is that they are so light that the cup does not have the proper ‘heft’ of a porcelain cup.

as expected cold drinks also stay cold longer. A drink, like a glass of lemonade, stays cold and also creates very little condensation. There is some condensation but it’s just a light fog–like if you breath on a mirror. For ice cream, the ice cream stays cold for a long time. Once you get to the bottom instead of a pool of melted ice cream it almost tastes colder then when you started. The ice cream near the top melts much faster then the ice cream against the glass.

Now the minus is that it’s always nice to have a little bit of melted ice cream at the bottom of the cup–it’s like a bonus at the end. Ah, use a mug in those cases 🙂


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