canon g3 + 420ex

Originally uploaded by minhi.

here’s my current camera, and despite the size my favorite, even over a small sd500 i had access to recently. Even after 3-4 years it’s still a great camera, only gripe is the poor viewfinder (still does not feel natural) and the slow auto-focus. I’ve been eyeing a dslr but this is till tiding me over.

yes it is gigantic with the flash on there, people freak out when they see the flash but it is totally worth it. The internal flash on these class of camera’s are horrible. A dedicated flash makes a huge difference, the ability to bounce the flash off the ceiling is great for indoors stuff. You can make a dark photo much more natural looking. And with an index card you can adjust the fill for straight on shots.

Fast recycle times, and i picked it up for $140 as an open box item from B&H Photo.

Now my problem is fitting everything into a bag (more on that in next post).


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