crumpler stamp claimer

Originally uploaded by minhi.

i’m always looking for new bags for everything; bags for my computers, bags for my bikes, bags for walking around, and here bags for my camera. I wanted something small to carry cameras accessories, my camera (g3) and external flash. This bag just barely does it, and only if i take off the lensmate adaptor.

The bag itself is fantastic, i’ve owned bags from a lot of bag makers and crumpler makes great bags. The quality is top notch, it’s extremely over built and there are small touches like hook and loop fasteners in places you need them but never expected to look for them there. Crumpler is an australian company, and their bags are on the expensive side–i think this bag is normally $50-$60 and I paid $35 from But clearly there is value when you pick them up.

With everything in this bag it’s pretty solid and all that ruggedness built in the bag empty it’s still heavy 🙂 !


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