morning espresso

Originally uploaded by minhi.

OK, i’ve been without fresh espresso beans for about 2 weeks now. I’ve been using the yemen mocha from coffee world the last few weeks. It was average for espresso but ok for milk drinks. But I had to get some fresh beans. Even though I was unlucky in the past I hit murky coffee in arlington and found a bag (last one) just 4 days off roast: just starting to peak!

Made an excellent shot yesterday and here’s a shot for this morning. I made a pseudo cafe au lait because i wanted a larger volume drink (coffee mug size). I’ll get into that in my next post, first let’s talk about this shot.

I rarely pull shots into a clear glass, mainly because i prefer to drink from a porcelain espresso demi-tasse cup. The only time I pull into a shot glass is to make an americano, for lattes or cappucinos i pull directly into the mugs. Since i so rarely pull shots to a clear glass i don’t always appreciate the nice crema (foam) on top. This is about 60 seconds after the pull so all the foam has settled at the top.

A near perfect 2 oz in 25 seconds. Really fresh beans will always give extra crema when you pull it, over the course of the next week it will start to decline. But the next few days will be yummy!


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