still jittery

murkycoffee had a home machine dial in today. It’s an event where we bring our home machines and people share tips etc. Nick Cho (owner) helped us work on pulling espresso shots and frothing milk. It was an eye opener to see all the machines pull pretty respectable shots as well as create good micro-foam. Since we’re all coffee geeks it makes sense that we all bought good quality machines. There was my Solis SL70, a Silvia, a Gaggia Classic and the prettiest one an Isomac Zaffiro. They all represented a price range from $300 to $800 and they all work well. I was surprised that the Silvia had so much more crema then my Solis–of course the Silvia had a naked portafilter so that might of made a difference.

Nick gave us some tips for pouring latte art and i need to practice. The comforting thing is that it’s just hard and takes practice. I poured something that resembled a leaf/rosetta this morning before I went to murky.

Nick was also gracious enough to give us all about half a bag of espresso beans! It was a little hectic because we did it in the shop, right in front of the cash registers so people were befuddled by our presence. And some folks were just annoyed because they were trying to do work! But once we got started it didn’t affect us at all!


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