good ebay, bad ebay

Originally uploaded by minhi.

if you look over my blogs you’ll see that i’m a big ebay user. like everything, if you’re careful with your spending you can make some good purchases. it’s not different then if you’re at a flea market or any old store–you have to have a good eye and know how much you want to spend.

But as well as i spend my money, sometimes i make not the best purchases. I would not categorize them as “bad” but they’re in the good deal category. So i’m going to review some of my home furnishing purchases and critique them for you.

Here we have a retro-mod clock from Sterling Noble. The listing was careful not to state it was old but at the same time did call it vintage so it was a smart listing. I knew it was not new so i ended up paying ~$22 total for it.

If you take a step back and think of it as just a clock that’s not too bad, an alarm clock at Target is around $15. And it would be difficult to find one of this design because this 50’s retro, jetson’s space age design is not popular anymore.

If you try to look at it as old or vintage then it’s a failure because it is neither those things.

But don’t look at it like that, it’s a cool looking clock that’s hard to find.

I rate this as an average buy, maybe a little better then average. It’s a cute clock and looks good in place.


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