ikea wine rack

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I know it’s been a long time between posts, more a problem with (lack of) inspiration then anything else.

This is to talk about the “VURM” Wine Rack from Ikea, you can find it HERE.
It is only $9.99 and is made from stainless steel i think.

I’m actually writing this for a cross post, but here’s a quick review of it.

I was drawn to this because of the my specific situation; tall and narrow. I also wanted something cheap and these are the cheapest wall hanging solution i could find.

So here’s the good
–cheap but functional, just what you expect from Ikea.
–design is stable
–neutral color
–cheap for a vertical wine rack!

And here’s the bad
–not uniform, so you can’t mount them end to end. the openings also are not uniform (more below).
–will not fit larger bottom bottles, i’ve noticed these are usually French, so champagne, French wine & cognac.
–if you remove and insert bottles often, you can scratch up the labels (might be important to some)
–not the cheapest option, especially if you have more space.

You might notice that I have a larger French wine bottle in the top slot. But that is the only slot I could get it into, the openings are not uniform and it is a super tight fit. The label is scratched up from squeezing it in there.

I also inserted some other bottles to show what will fit. The belgian ale bottle is at the limit of what will fit, but IIRC a Chimay might not fit. The vodka bottle fits no problem. Normally I wouldn’t store them like this but it’s nice that I can in a pinch.

And here are some cheaper but less versatile solutions from Ikea HERE

Overally I’m very happy with them, I might repaint them but the function is good. It solved my specific problem which was to take advantage of dead space in a corner.

Larger pic one

Larger close up pic


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