if you take enough pictures…

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IMG_2180.JPG, originally uploaded by minhi.

I have to admit that I did not mean to take this picture. When I took it, i didn’t realize it would be this interesting. i just wanted to take some pictures at dusk with the sun fading behind the island. It was dumb luck, i think the bright sun tricked the camera into a much higher shutter speed (1/2000) which made everything in the foreground extra dark. I also think there is something wrong with my camera where the color balance skews toward blue, maybe it’s the shutter speed, maybe it’s a defect in the camera (if you look at my flickr site, the picture after this one is orange and more correct to me).

Whatever the reason, it captured a really dramatic picture, the way everything is pitch black is great contrast to the pure white sun. Too bad i didn’t do this on purpose, i just wanted to get a cool picture of the sun setting, but i guess that’s part of taking pictures, following your gut even if you don’t know why.


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