espresso aida

espresso aida
espresso aida” by minhi

After a few weeks of travel it’s back to my Solis SL-70 and some espresso. The options in Asia were a little weak so it’s been awhile since i’ve had anything good. I found this blend at Murky Coffee ($20 for a 12oz bag). It’s a custom blend they created for the South East Regional Barista Competition [yes such a thing exists, and i’m glad it does].

It’s an all middle america blend and i wish i knew that when i bought it. It’s a pretty good espresso, but it’s very hard to pull on my machine. When you nail it, it really represents middle america, bright, fruity and clean finish. In fact the finish is so clean it almost pulls the finish off the back of your tongue. It’s unique for sure, i’ve never had something so bright and clean. But you really need strong temperature stability in your machine. On the machines they have at the shop I’m sure it’s no problem but on my machine it’s not forgiving enough–bad shots come out sour.

The other minus, and something the murky guy’s admit to is that it does not work in milk. As a cap, latte or even a americano with milk it’s too sour. It doesn’t have enough back-bone to hold up with a lot of milk.

It’s nice to try something different, if only to understand what won’t work in my machine but i went back to the Toscano blend for my next bag. It’s also a lot cheaper! If you want to try it out you can also get them from Counter Culture Coffee online. The Aida blend is a limited edition one so at least try it for yourself.


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