goblin market

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goblin market, originally uploaded by minhi.

i found this place by accident back in october. I had just gotten back to nyc off the red-eye and was shopping in soho on a saturday morning. I realized i needed some breakfast and coffee and stumbled onto this place. I had read about it a few weeks before in the nyt and the name makes it easy to remember. It’s a pretty small space with a design similar to the little owl.

the bartender vicky was very nice, they had just opened so there were some service problems. i ordered a brioche (i think) french toast and it took a long time, better then 30 minutes to come out. But they served me an endless cup of coffee, the cups are small but i had 8 cups.

the french toast was good, the bill was $13-$14 before tip, which sounds like a lot for french toast and coffee but in-line with nyc and for soho. If i was in the neighborhood i would go back again but not necc. make a special visit.


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