my golden ticket

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IMG_5433.JPG, originally uploaded by minhi.

I believe that some of the best shows you can go to are the ones that are least expected, the first time I saw ‘stars’ i was devastated because the show sold out so quickly–because they were opening for death cab, but at the last minute a friend passed some tickets my way and it was great.

The same thing happened last nite, a ticket to the smashing pumpkins show at the 9:30 club which sold out in what seemed like 2 minutes fell into my lap. No claims from me of some great plan or anything, a friend happened to snag two tickets when some were released at 3PM on the day of the show. The lesson learned is never give up! Make sure and logon to the ticket website on the day of the show and keep checking, you might get lucky!

Oh and the show was great, they went at 9:45 ish, and they got off at 12:45 ish, 3 encores, nearly 3 hours of music. I do have to say the whole ticket thing was a PITA, it took us 1hr 15 minutes just to get into the club. Every single person was will call, and they had a system involving bracelets and coraling of people that made it impossible to hand the tickets to someone else. In the end all the people there were really into the music so i guess it worked, but there has got to be a better way to prevent scalping. But i thoroughly enjoyed the show, not sure why some people are giving them such a hard time, i thought they rocked out just fine, maybe i’m just showing my age.

And thanks JT!


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