a good morning, Mountain View CA

An awkward situation when traveling alone; it’s a sunday morning, you really want some brunch food, an omelette, maybe some pancakes, what do you do? Go to brunch alone and weather the storm of couples, or even worse the parents and their kids if you’re near a university? I don’t mind eating alone, there’s the bar, there’s the two-top tucked away for privacy, but brunch is a bit more difficult, it’s the quintessential couple/group event.

So this was my problem on a recent sunday in california. I had a few options, Hobees which is fine but near Stanford so lots of parents, there’s a number of places on University Ave also near Stanford. I could drive a little further away to California Ave in Palo Alto but there’s a Sunday farmer’s market so it too will be crowded.

The thing that saved me is something you should always do while traveling, when visiting one place always keep an eye out for somewhere else. Earlier in the week i ate the vietnamese beef noodle soup (pho) shop next door to an interesting looking cafe. I was rewarded for remembering it today.

‘a good morning’ is an unpretentious cafe that serves breakfast to some stanford locals willing to drive 15 minutes from campus. you have the basic brunch type things, a capable espresso bar and fast, attentive service. it’s the type of place where they can undercharge you and they don’t really much care, which is exactly what happened to me.

the server said something about discounting my meal (no charge for the americano or hash browns) for the long wait–which i didn’t feel was long at all. my bill was $7, i think it should’ve been $12, so i left her a $7 tip, which may prove difficult to expense but when getting discounts on food, i don’t see a reason to penalize the server by paying the same percentage. In that case their tips would be reduced for doing the same amount of work. I guess the proper tip in this case was $3 ( 25% of $12), but the additional $4 was already spent in my mind, so i’d rather give it to the server then claim it myself, especially when i didn’t think it necc. anyway.

Sorry for the rant, it’s a great place, i hope it sticks around as i will definately return for breakfast. If i had to complain the sign-in process for a table is a little chaotic, the trick is walk up to the register, grab the clip-board and add your name to the list.  ‘a good morning’ is at the intersection of san antonio road and el camino road.


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