Zinc, Charlottesville VA (Take 2)

Let’s try it again!

I decided to give this place a second chance, the first visit perturbed me, and maybe i was just being hard.  Second time around ordered appropriately, shared dinner and we tried:

  • spinach salad (with chunk bacon…errr lardons)
  • spicy cured sausage potato salad
  • beef bourginon
  • mashed potatoes

Spinach salad was nothing unexpected, a little small but nice dressing.  The potato salad was more interesting for the potatoes then the sausage which was a little bland.  Beef bourginon was what you would expect, nothing surprising, traditional french bistro.  And maybe that’s why i feel so conflicted about this place, the food makes me feel french bistro country kitchen but then they throw things at you that make you think french modern.  I thought you could put these things together, but it’s just not succesful for me here. 

I’d still go back, the dinner was satisfying, just not amazing or too memorable.


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