iPhone Project Step 1 Complete!

IMG_0086, originally uploaded by minhi.

My hints/notes/suggestions? Don’t do it! While this wasn’t rocket science it’s still a pain in the butt, and from the pictures you can see i used too much pressure in a few spots and now i have more dead pixels then before, well it wasn’t useable before and now it’s only mostly useable. I have to wait until the new glass arrives to see if i broken the digitizer.

Getting the old glass off is tedious as the entire thing is glued down, so removing it involves breaking little slivers of it off, it’s actually a little dangerous with all the bits of glass.  Take into account the time involved and it’s not worth doing unless you think of your time as free.  To put it in perspective a new digitizer + glass assembly is around $130 on ebay, just the lens is $10 but then you have to get the glass out.  You decide which makes more sense (i never claimed i always do what makes sense…)


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