iPhone Project Step 2!

IMG_8732, originally uploaded by minhi.

The next step of my iPhone project. I received the first set of parts, the new front glass works fine. It’s currently held in with electrical tape on the edges, i’m still looking for rubber cement that’s thin enough to glue down the glass. I’m also hesitant as the electrical tape is holding it in fine and it gives me the option of replacing the front glass easily if i break it again.

The antenna wire was replaced (it’s under the silver back, no pictures) it was a simple task a little tight with the connections but it uses a pin/socket connector so you just press them together. The gold sticker at the bottom is the antenna, there are two connections from the antenna wire, one for the cell radio and one for the wifi. It looks like a simple part (and only about $6) but that sticker (!) was the reason the phone was not picking up a signal, i now have 3-4 bars in good coverage areas. The second picture is with the antenna cover.


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