iPhone Speck Clear Case

IMG_8726, originally uploaded by minhi.

I’m reviewing case options for my iPhone 2G rehab project. This is a Speck Crystal plastic case that i found at Marshalls for $7! I like the protection it provides, despite the lack of grip from the smooth finish.

It includes a holster that works as a stand (but only in portrait mode, in landscape it will tilt over).

The holster allows you to insert the phone with the screen facing in, which protects the screen if you’re wearing it on your hip or have it loose in your bag. The holster sits securely on your belt if you like that thing.
The case comes in two parts that clip together, the fit is great and the two parts come together securely. There are cut-outs for all the buttons and the dock connector but you do have to separate the case to remove the sim.
The back is completely clear and smooth. I’ve already put a number of micro-fine scratches in the back of the case. This is a minor annoyance to me, i know it’s a case but the scratches are really noticeable because it’s so clear and shiny.

In summary, great fit, looks good if you like the plastic aesthetic. It was cheap (obviously i got it on discount) and the holster is secure. It scratches easily which is the only big criticism that i can make of it.

For anyone looking for iPhone cases i saw quite a few at Marshalls for the iPhone 2G and 3G all for under $10.


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