A Brief Service Interruption

Sorry, just need to vent, and what good is a blog if you can’t vent a little to the world?

Backstory, i ordered something from dwr.com a few months ago and i knew it would be on backorder. DWR has a pretty good website but inexplicably their order fulfillment is terrible. I have been receiving email updates every 30 days to tell me that the item was still on backorder. So when i decided to go out of town last weekend i figure i was safe since i had not received a shipping notice. Well i check my credit card statements on Sunday and see the DWR charge. To my surprise, not only had the item shipped, it was already delivered and sitting outside my apartment.

I had to juggle a number of thing son my schedule to take care of this. It’s been a week since the item shipped and still no shipping notice from DWR! For a store that tries to sell you on the intangible value of original design and customer service it boggles my mind that their fulfillment is not better. I mean the whole concept of their retail showroom is for you to go home and order it online (or have them order it online for you) so they could at least email you when they ship your order!

Ok rant off.

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