my ipod storage

IMG_8743, originally uploaded by minhi.

I still laugh out loud when i have all of them lined up like this.  And this letter sorter arranges them on my shelf the most efficiently.  From left to right, dummy iphone 2g blank (used by case makers to make prototypes, looks like an iphone but just a shell), ipod classic 80gb, ipod touch 1g 16gb, iphone 3g 16gb, iphone 2g 4gb.
The community finally released an unlock for the current baseband for the iphone 3g so i’ve switched to that from my repaired iphone 2g.  It’s a nice upgrade but to be honest the 2g gives you nearly all the functionality of the iphone platform.   And if you’re on t-mobile like me, then you can’t use the 3g network (t-mobile and att use different frequencies so you only get edge on t-mobile with any iphone).


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