deal alert: HD-Homerun Dual Digital Network TV Tuner

this is kind of a tech-nerdy item, but it is a dual digital tuner (either ota or qam from the cable company if your cable company does unencrypted qam).  the neat thing is that this plugs into your network and then any PC on the network can use it to record tv.  the unit itself does not store tv shows, you are timesharing the device among the pcs in your house.  so for example you could record/watch on the pc downstairs on 1 tuner and then pc upstairs on the 2nd tuner.

the recording is saved on the pc that is timesharing it.  this is nice since you can share the tuner around the house.  or in my case my htpc has no more slots left so i can plug this in direct and get two additional tuners.

does not work without a PC.  no mac compatiblity (well elgato, sagetv), but if you have vista or windows 7 it’s supported.  linux support is actually pretty good.   this is the lowest price i’ve ever seen, if you follow the link there’s a $10 off coupon.

Product Info:

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