new rear derailleur

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the rear derailleur was busted so i needed a replacement. this bike has no hanger bolt it needs a claw style one. i could’ve used a claw adaptor and a higher end derailleur. but given the utility of this bike i decided on a cheapier Shimano Tourney Megarange for $10 hanger included. It works fine, doesn’t look too bad–though the red lower pulley is a pretty cheap plastic. But i can buy 5-6 of these for an XT derailleur. As a disclaimer I have an XT derailleur on another bike.


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i think this sums it all up. the headtube only carries a sticker, and it’s not even straight! this bike just doesn’t make any sense to me! some of the touches are nice and then the other things are functional but not high quality.

stem quick release

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this is a nice touch. it uses a quick release for the stem tightening nut. on a normal bike this is an allen bolt. the quick release lets you lower the stem to make it more compact–or pull the handlebars out completely. the only problem is centering the bars when you tighten it back up!

rear spring

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this is a no-name chinese branded rear spring. this is one of the odd things about this bike. Typically Japanese brands take great care to use quality parts and in this case a lot of the parts are pricepoint parts. the frame is chinese made, it’s steel (instead of aluminium), the seat is a fake brooks like springer model, the bmx wheels are no-name.

So it’s curious what market they were aiming at with this bike. and maybe that’s why i can’t find anymore info, i guess customers couldn’t figure it out either.


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and this is the hinge for the folding mechanism. it’s a simple quick release, you unlock it and slide the pin up.

and yes, i already put an “In-N-Out” sticker on it. There are some scratches in the paint i want to cover up.