Samsonite Black Label Resort

IMG_0098.JPG, originally uploaded by minhi.

So i have a disproportinate number of bags for any single person. Lately my quest has been to buy a real piece of luggage, while i don’t travel a lot–maybe 1-2 times a month, it’s enough that i have a number of bags. A full delsey helium 22 inch rolling bag (hugely over-rated, even at the $45 marshalls price i paid i was not impressed). A half height roll-away (ricardo beverly hills) which is actually a good size but is hard to pack because it only has the one small opening up top, so everything comes out wrinkled.

I also have a number of duffels which are all serviceable but nothing great. I found this samsonite black label bag at tj maxx at a significant discount (like 90% off retail). It’s real leather and looks fantastic, but as a bag it’s a not 100% practical. I think the issue is that it’s a little awkward to carry on the shoulder, and loaded up it’s heavy to carry by the handles. Even empty the bag weighs 6-7 lbs, a lot of that is due to the detachable compartment on the bottom.

I like the bag enough that i plan on keeping it, but i’m not sure how long it will be until i look at another replacement. I think it’s a pretty nice weekend driving bag but for airport travel i might switch back to a roll-away since there is so much walking in that case.

More pictures at ny flickr pool, see the cool lining,

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